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For every PC job done, free Anti-Virus/Spyware/Adware! Loaded and run on your computer.  Why pay for it when better software is free and updated for free!
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Like Space? Then check out my fun-4-kids Man on the Moon class I do with schools, camps & such! Great hands-on fun & learning! (& lots of space videos on the page too!)

Technology Trouble?

Has your computer been acting up for months? Is it just too slooow, crashing or stuck?! Need something installed, but just can't quite take the plunge to do it? Having trouble hooking up all your new video equipment in the living room or man-cave? Need CDs or DVDs made from your 100s of vacation or family event pictures & videos? iPod giving you iHeadaches?

Need a website for your business? PCs and printers networked? Want to learn to use your technology better, easier, but don't want to deal with a nasty geek from one of those Geek stores who will berate you for what you don't know, while charging you for his opinion and then charge you up to $250/WHOLE hour to actually DO something in your home or place of work?!?

Do FREE estimates and opinions sound more affordable? And only pay for the time involved, NOT whole hours! And no overcharging just becuase its more convenient for you to be in your own home! YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE! Its the same price whether its in-home, pickup or drop off!

That's why Missing Pieces is here to help!

$99 Back2School Computer Cleanup Special - Is your PC a slow, crashing mess?  Viruses removed, unneeded startup items cleared, even $low, bloated Anti-viru$ software replaced with faster FREE apps! $60/hr Technology Tutoring - Just want to know HOW to use all your technology?  Don't be afraid to ask!  FRIENDLY help with ANY of your devices.  How to use it better AND at YOUR pace!  NOT some Geek making you feel bad you don't know something! $99 Home Network Setup - All your devices want Internet access!  After Comcast, Verizon or Fairpoint mess you up, router and 3 devices setup just right so you can work with ease!
$99 Home Theater Setup - Everything shows up on your TV these days.  After Comcast, Verizon or Dish give you your cable box, get up to 3 other devices connected, so you can see EVERYthing on your TV! $20 per DVD (4.7GB) - Backup your important stuff on your Cellphone/PC/Laptop BEFORE or even AFTER disaster strikes $20 per DVD Vacation Videos/Pics - turned into DVDs, slideshows, videos.  Put on DVDs, YouTube, FaceBook, thumbdrives, where ever!  DO something with all those pics and videos stuck on your cellphone or camera!

Compare In-home Service $$/hr!
  Missing Pieces $60   
  Geek Squad$250  
  Firedog out of business!$180  
  Showtime (M-F only)$140  

Missing Pieces is here to offer an affordable, reliable, nice alternative to expensive repairs or throwing out perfectly good equipment, becuase the stores just want to sell you new stuff! Or they just treat you poorly, becuase they supposedly know more than you! If it takes just 10 minutes to fix your problem, its just $15, NO whole hour charges here! That's not the Missing Pieces way!

And remember, contact at ANY time!

Problems aren't 9-5, solutions shouldn't be either!


(603) 521-8392

Now when you need to contact Missing Pieces, you can do it any way you prefer:
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- "a picture is worth a thousand words", so send along a cellphone screenshot of your problem to (603) 521-8392
- For longer explanations, good old reliable email is always available:
Let me look at your PC or Mac screen!
- With Join.Me, I can quickly and easily look at the screen of your PC or Mac to give you direct, immediate help! Here's how easy it is!

And if you need hardware or software, stop in on my new On-Line
Missing-Pieces Technology Store!
Its & has all your tech needs for yourself
AND great prices for the coming season!
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Kids need a fun
activity for school?

Like Dinosaurs? Then check out my fun-4-kids Dino Bone Beds class I do with schools, camps & such! Great hands-on fun & learning! (& lots of dino videos on the page too!)

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