About Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces has been in operation, in one form or another, since 1986. Missing Pieces is a home-based business based on giving quality service and products for a great, affordable price.

Missing Pieces is different than a lot of those so-called 'fleets of geeks'. Missing Pieces can help you, not because of some claimed superior intelligence or gift of magic, but because Missing Pieces has run into every damned problem you've had... and more! ;-) So Missing Pieces has had to solve something like your problem before and can do it again.
Missing Pieces - Now
Missing Pieces is now a VERY diversified business! Variety feeds creativity and satisfaction, which means better quality everywhere! With this in mind, Missing Pieces' does work along 3 main areas of interest:
Consumer help with dealing with Technology. This is Missing Pieces' main reason-to-be. Helping people deal with their technology, whether stubborn, infected computers or over-complicated, poorly-designed video systems, is where Missing Pieces can do the most good, at a time where everyone is overwhelmed with new technology.
Creative multimedia, computer programming and web design for consumer and professional use. Whether you need a professional quality DVD, CD or website designed and created or you need a computer program or utility designed for you, Missing Pieces can provide it.
Educational fun with science. Missing Pieces does fun science for kids with talks about things like dinosaurs and the Apollo Space Program.

Winner of the 'Best of 2013 Nashua - Website Designer' award Winner of the 'Best of 2013 Nashua - Website Designer' award (press release)

Missing Pieces - History
Missing Pieces started out as a software consulting firm. Advising companies on how to do the software job right. Then it transformed into a contracting firm, so the real programming got done right. ;-) But then one of the recessions hit and the first ones that go are the consultants and contractors! :-)

So back to the regular working world! But Missing Pieces retrenched into a part-time software and services firm, for its owner's own use and for friends that needed help.

But then, escaping the bonds of the do-one-thing corporate job, Missing Pieces rose again in 2005!
Missing Pieces' Owner
A child of the 60s and 70s :-) and a 30 year resident of Nashua, NH, I graduated from Rensselaer (RPI) in New York, been in the technology arena ever since. I worked on some of the first 3D graphics, way back. Knew some of those guys who's animated films you love so much now. Went into the 3D world of CAD/CAM; then into business graphics systems; then making PCs and most recently into the 'productivity' software arena.

Other stuff
For more 'technical' detail, take a look at my Resume (MS Word format) (PDF format) OR
For a more 'personal' viewpoint, I have a vacation website that anyone interested in taking a Disney cruise might want to peruse OR
I do a lot of activities through a site called Meetup.com. Its not a dating site, but an activities site for people looking to DO things. I go to volleyball games, board game nights, bike rides and dances in my area, all from the Nashua-based groups I joined:
Meeting & Greeting in So. NH & the Merrimack Valley Meetup Group
Friends in Motion Meetup Group
Spontaneous Fun Meetup Group
Dance & Activities NH Meetup Group
Manchester Area Wine Lovers Meetup Group
Great people and loads of fun! We recently had 57 people at 3 tables at a dance; 37 people at our board game night at the Holiday Inn Nashua; and 17 people playing 'Wallyball' in a racquetball court!

I also do a lot of creative work on video on my various accounts on YouTube. You can see a sample 'Reel' of my best work on:

Or click on any control or video here to watch it, or click on the text link to see the whole account:
Click here to see my Missing Pieces-related work:
Click here to see my Disney Science account, with space-related stuff:

Click here to see my Schoolhouse Rock account, with the 70s educational videos:

And with High School friends -30- years ago,
when there wasn't 'digital' ANYTHING to use,
except WATCHES, we still managed to create:
School Lost