FREE Missing Pieces Downloadable Applications

Missing Pieces started originally as a consulting firm, specializing in programming useful custom applications. Continuing that tradition, Missing Pieces offers these FREE applications that solve every day problems in simple and useful ways. Feel free to install them and use them, free of charge! Enjoy.

Had a problem with Symantec/Norton blocking Missing-Pieces apps? Symantec/Norton has now certified and endorsed ALL Missing-Pieces apps!
"In light of further investigation and analysis, Symantec is happy to... add your software to its database of known clean files in order to reduce the possibility of false positives."
If you have any trouble with Symantec/Norton products, just update your Symantec product, via Live Update, and please try installing the Missing-Pieces app again. Symantec apologizes for any inconvenience. (so does Missing-Pieces, but Symantec was the problem! ;-)

If you EVER have trouble with ANY security app blocking any Missing-Pieces install, PLEASE call or email about it! They will be reprimanded immediately! Missing-Pieces is trying to HELP them, for gosh sakes! :-)