Need a DVD CD Website?

[Updated: 08/14/14 Now I can backup Vinyl LP Records! ]

Along with more technical issues, Missing Pieces specializes on the more artistic side of computers and video as well. Trained in multimedia of all types, going all the way back to the old days of Printshop greeting cards on the old Atari computers and the start of 3D graphics, to today's cutting edge DVD videos, I've got experience and examples.

Winner of the 'Best of 2013 Nashua - Website Designer' award Some are very quick things, where I may have tuned the process to get you something quick and cheap. Others require more art than tech and the quality is unmatched. (well, I think so ;-)

Once again my rates are much better than any of the video/photo stores charge. (that's why I started doing it myself!) Other than basic duplication/copying (see 1st bullet below), I charge a basic $60 an hour for the work done and for any media involved. (some items might vary, but I'll let you know ahead) If it takes me only 10 minutes to fix your problem, it's only $10, plus media. If I'm duplicating the result for you, I don't charge for the time of duplication, since I'll be off doing something else while it dupes. I only charge you for the media and time I need to start and monitor the processes! You save!

Any media (DVDs, CDs, cases, tape) I buy for you, I find the best local price (I'm right near all the big stores) including coupons and rebates, so once again, you save! That alone can pay for the serivce!
Backup Videotapes/Audio Cassettes/LPs to DVDs/CDs and Duplicate DVD/CDs
I looked around at prices for duplicating DVDs and CDs and copying VCR tapes to DVD and was appalled! Some as high as $75-$100 for a first DVD and then $12 for additional copies! Now I can see VCR to DVD maybe running that much, because the tape runs in real time for as much as 6 hours. But to copy a DVD to a DVD?? Ridiculous.

I watch for sales on blank DVDs, CDs and their cases and labels. So I get them at a good price that I can pass on. So here are my prices for duplicating:

$30 - Backup a VHS (or Hi8, VHS-C, etc) videotape (up to 2 hours per DVD) to a video DVD (in a paper sleeve)
$30 - Backup a VHS (or Hi8, VHS-C, etc) videotape (up to 6 hours) to a data DVD for viewing on PC/Mac/Tablet/Phone or home editing (in a paper sleeve)
$25 - Backup, by track, a Cassette tape (up to 74 minutes) or Vinyl LP Record to a CD (in a paper sleeve)
$15 - Backup, by side, a Cassette tape (up to 74 minutes) or Vinyl LP Record to a CD (in a paper sleeve)
$4.00 - Copy a DVD or CD to the same, in a paper sleeve (only for non-copyrighted material, see below)
+$2.00 - Add a color label on the DVD/CD itself, your choice of picture
+$ .50 - Add a CD-style slim case, instead of the paper sleeve
+$1.00 - Add a DVD-style case, instead of the paper sleeve
+$ .50 - Add a case cover label, your choice of pictures
* - If you have other types of media (Beta, 8mm, Reel), and you can supply a player for it, I can probably transfer it!

So say if you have a home movie DVD duplicated that you want with a label, DVD case and case label, it would run you $6.50 a copy. Or as little as a plain DVD in paper for $3 each!

Yes, most commercial videotapes/LPs can be archived to DVD/CD this way, to preserve your aging investment, ONLY for your own personal use. Just like copying a CD to audiotape is legal, so is this, as long as you don't sell or give away the copy. (to be legal, I will only make you one copy of a commercial tape/LP)

The quality stays tape/LP quality, not DVD/CD quality, so its not duplicating the commercial DVD, plus it lacks all those extras on DVDs. But in the case of videotapes, they look slightly better than the tape because of digital-video smoothing, and no more rewinding! ;-) In the case of LPs, it will still have some of the clicks and pops of the LP, that makes it part of the LP experience, but it will also be warmer than the 'real' CD version, courtesy of the LP medium!
Need to get all your photos off your digital camera media?
I can quickly dump your photos and videos from any digital media, xD/SD/SM/MMC memory or USB connections, to a CD or data DVD. Then I can clear off the media for you and you're back to picture-taking. Takes only a few minutes, so very cheap.

You can put the CD/DVD in a computer and see a slide show or the videos in Media Player. Most DVD players will also show the pictures in a slideshow.
Want a real Video DVD?
I can create a real video DVD from pictures, videos and from any media for you. I did my Christmas card this way and with some cheap 12 cent blank DVDs and 18 cent DVD covers. You can see/download a tiny demo of it here or click on a larger demo courtesy of the streaming service,, below. (a very cool site!) You can also see a sample of splicing a whole lot of little videos together into one seamless pool party video!
Need a personal OR professional website?
Want to post those pictures of your vacations for the relatives to see? Want to expound on your views for the world to see? Need a website for your business? Need a bit of help doing it? I can help. I even wrote software that automatically builds a website of pictures from your hard drive, with a few questions. See the results on my Disney Cruise website.

Or take a look at one of my client's website, here in Nashua, JisL Auto. Simple, yet it has all the info you need for a small business looking for a nice, inexpensive website.

Menus, consistent interface throughout, customized icons for the particular business. You can see its similarity to this website, yet it has its own feel to it.

Or I can modify your existing website, to add new features, like embedding an easily updated photo website into an existing webpage. As if it were part of your website, like I did for my client Cann-Dee-Apples Cattery.