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ChalkBoard Boxes : The Imagination Box
Ever give your kids a present and all they did was play with the box? That's because the box let them use their imagination fully, without the preconceived limits that a specific toy has. Kids know what's better!

The ChalkBoard Box goes one step farther. Its covered with a chalkboard-like surface, so kids can draw all over it to turn it into anything they want! Each ChalkBoard Box comes with a kit with a box of regular white chalk; a box of colored chalk; several sticks of sidewalk chalk and an eraser, for hours and hours of imaginative fun. See a slideshow about ChalkBoard Boxes!

The kids can draw all over the boxes; stack them into structures; carry them over their heads; whatever they think of! They can draw a train on the box and it becomes a train. When they tire of that, erase and it can become an airplane! A stack of boxes with windows drawn is a skyscraper. And on and on!

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Dinosaur Bone Beds
Kids like to dig. They love dinosaurs. Here's both in one package! Dino Bone Beds
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are 1'x1.5'x3" beds of plaster with an entire prehistoric skeleton inside! And there's also dinosaur figures; rocks; crystals; shells; and even REAL fossil shark teeth, from the time of the dinosaurs! Enough for 2-6 kids to have a blast digging, cleaning, sorting and assembling for hours and hours.

Made of plaster, modified to easily dug with simple tools, each Dino Bone Bed comes with enough tools and brushes to keep all the kids busy at once. Each even comes with a dropcloth, to protect your floor/table, and to ease cleanup.

Just like real palentologists, the kids get to dig around looking for clues to where the fossils are. When they find something, they choose their tool to get it out right. When they get something, they have to clean the specimen, just like the real guys do, using the same kind of brushes palentologists use. Then, if its a dinosaur bone, they'll have to figure out how to assemble all the bones to figure out what kind of creature they've unearthed!

Used in schools and libraries to teach paleontology to kids as young as pre-school, Dino Bone Beds are great fun and educational too. See a slideshow about Dino Bone Beds!

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