How To Share Your Screen With Join.Me

Join.Me is a useful tool for me to do a 'one time' LIVE look at your screen, to see your problem WHILE you are IN it! Follow these intructions and I will be able to see what you are talking about, on my own PC or even my phone! BUT, when we are done, it is TOTALLY gone and your system is totally secure again!
Click on the word 'Basic', below 'Share' in the following pane    (There IS a Pro version, but we don't need it)
Click on the circular ORANGE button    (This will temporarily install and run Join.Me on your PC or Mac)
You'll see 'Launching Application' on your screen    (Just wait, its coming...)
Look at the top of your screen for an orange ''    (And a 9 digit number)
Call, text or email the 9 digit number to me    (Whatever is best for you)
NOW I can see YOUR screen, on MY screen!
After, click the 'X' at the top of the screen    (And Join.Me is gone from your system! Simple! :-)
(if the box below is empty, just refresh your browser (up on the address bar), Join.Me sometimes is shy. ;-)