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Disney's Animal Kingdom

Click to enlargen  1 of  15 - It <i>POURED</i> the day we wanted to go to Animal Kingdom - Everyone else was getting <i>off</i> the bus - We are from New Hampshire!  Unless its snowin', we're goin'! Click to enlargen  2 of  15 - We were rewarded with empty, fast lines everywhere in the park, when the rain stopped - We saw a new born rhino at Rafiki's Planet Watch Click to enlargen  3 of  15 - The train takes you to the Conservation Station there, where animals are treated & cared for Click to enlargen  4 of  15 - I think the temporary cages reminded Annie too much of the raptor cages in Jurassic Park Click to enlargen  5 of  15 - Rafiki welcomes you to his Planet Watch Click to enlargen  6 of  15 - Annie and her kittie cat relaxing ...niiice kitty... okay, tiger, TIGER! Click to enlargen  7 of  15 - _I_ however, am not doing so well with MY friend - Nice kitty?! Click to enlargen  8 of  15 - The Conservation Station gives talks & demonstrations with animals, even as far as surgery - they operated on a snake who mistook a golfball for an egg! Click to enlargen  9 of  15 - Annie & I talked with their personnel about skeletons & bones (we're big on dinosaur bones:-) Click to enlargen  10 of  15 - These are elephant & rhino skulls - amazing how similar they look to dino skulls Click to enlargen  11 of  15 - The Affection Section is a Disney-fied petting zoo Click to enlargen  12 of  15 - Annie took to them right away - right to the biggest ones Click to enlargen  13 of  15 - Outta the way!  Feeding time! They have stalls for larger animals too, but the rain kept them away Click to enlargen  14 of  15 - The little guys got attention too Click to enlargen  15 of  15 - They even let Annie brush the animals - future animal specialist :-) click on an image to enlargen it