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Disney's own island in the Bahamas: Castaway Cay

Click to enlargen  1 of  30 - Our last stop was this beautiful protected cove which is almost totally run by ship personnel - everything came from the ship & went back on Click to enlargen  2 of  30 - There's an amazing array of things to do, in both the main family area & the secluded adult-only area on the left of the island Click to enlargen  3 of  30 - Annie & I took our time with a big breakfast, so we missed the mad rush off the boat - and the shuttle to both beach areas (oops, a bit of a walk:-) Click to enlargen  4 of  30 - The 1st beach area is for the sailboats, mini-cats, paddleboats & our choice... Click to enlargen  5 of  30 - The water trikes!  Space for 2, wheels of blue - Annie wanted one for herself Click to enlargen  6 of  30 - Good thing she didn't get one to herself, it took both of us to peddle for the kinda speed we wanted! Click to enlargen  7 of  30 - We found this greecian urn underwater out in the far reaches of the bay Click to enlargen  8 of  30 - Mayday, mayday - collision course with a paddle boat!  Flank speed Annie, evasive maneuvers! Click to enlargen  9 of  30 - Hmm, a helio off the port bow - it hovered low over the beach like it was going to land, but never did Click to enlargen  10 of  30 - We caught up with the boat - ramming speed! Click to enlargen  11 of  30 - Argh!  Avast yee, prepare to be boarded! (umm, could somebody throw down a ladder?) Click to enlargen  12 of  30 - We got quite a ways out there - time to try something else - ow, my legs (notice the UFO in the upper left?) Click to enlargen  13 of  30 - Next we went for snorkeling - I had to go back for more equipment and ZIP, Annie was way out there! Aaaah! Get back here! 8-| Click to enlargen  14 of  30 - That's better - they give you a flotation vest, along with the mask, snorkel & fins - I blew Annie's up a bit so she could float a bit easier Click to enlargen  15 of  30 - I left mine flat so I could dive as much as I wanted (I'm wearing our goggles, cause I lost our first mask/snorkel in the murky shallows! they say it happens all the time [whew!]) Click to enlargen  16 of  30 - Yet she could still dive with a partially filled vest - she passed on the snorkel, but did great! Click to enlargen  17 of  30 - Wow Annie, look how far out we are! (she just learned to use the mask that week too) Click to enlargen  18 of  30 - The lagoon is protected from the outside, yet with with lots of sea life throughout it (so no surprise shark visits :-) Click to enlargen  19 of  30 - We found a sunken ship!  You can't climb with fins on, I can tell you Click to enlargen  20 of  30 - It took a lot of image-software stuff just to show the grass in this pic - I have NO idea what we were looking at Click to enlargen  21 of  30 - These yellow tail guys were so friendly, they'd go right between your legs & up to your mask Click to enlargen  22 of  30 - Dad!  I found something!  (put that mask back on!) Click to enlargen  23 of  30 - Annie found a treasure chest! (no booty inside, argh!) Click to enlargen  24 of  30 - The yellowtails led us to this concrete ball, it was so cool Click to enlargen  25 of  30 - We never did find Mickey (stock photo) - judging from the concrete ball in the distance, we might have been right nearby, but Annie was getting tired & we were far out so I pumped her vest up & towed her in Click to enlargen  26 of  30 - After snorkeling, we did the beach thing - the lifeguard station doubles as a play area, where Annie jumped from 7' up into the water! Click to enlargen  27 of  30 - You can get tubes and floats for the water too - but watch those tubes, they're dangerous! (long story;-) Click to enlargen  28 of  30 - Serenity Beach is on the far side of the island, for adults only, nice & quiet Click to enlargen  29 of  30 - We caught the shuttle back to the ship - good thing, we were tired! - the shuttle reminds me of the old trams that took you from/to the Disneyland parking lots Click to enlargen  30 of  30 - We never took the time to eat on the island - the ship departed at 4:30 for the trip back to Port Canaveral - unlike Freeport, where we departed @midnight click on an image to enlargen it