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After the cruise: DisneyWorld

Click to enlargen  1 of  20 - OK, it ain't Speed Racer, but I love the race cars - After the cruise we separately booked a couple of days at the All-Sport in WDW (much cheaper than getting it in the cruise package) Click to enlargen  2 of  20 - Ah, a chance for Annie & me to relax on the People Mover in Tomorrowland (well, that's what it was called back at the '65 World's Fair!) - Also passing her favorite, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin Click to enlargen  3 of  20 - OK, Dad did more than relax - we were EXHAUSTED from the cruise, felt like we were away for weeks not days - we're the only folks who came to WDW to RELAX! ;-) Click to enlargen  4 of  20 - Ya gotta have a pic of Cinderella's Castle in a Disney photo-log - its the law ya know Click to enlargen  5 of  20 - The Liberty Belle Riverboat - nope, didn't waste our time riding that, we were heading for... Click to enlargen  6 of  20 - ... Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!  Annie's 1st big rollercoaster! (mine too when I was a kid) Click to enlargen  7 of  20 - Its a great 1st coaster, because the theme scenery follows the coaster, so you don't get spooked by the height & 'moments of fear' are short & survivable for a 1st-timer Click to enlargen  8 of  20 - Annie's trophy for her first big rollercoaster!  She survived & loved it! Click to enlargen  9 of  20 - We found the new 'Magic Carpets of Aladdin' ride in Adventureland (so that's what they were building last Oct when we were there) Click to enlargen  10 of  20 - Back end of another carpet as we dive below it - like Dumbo's ride, you can go up and down, but you can also tilt it too Click to enlargen  11 of  20 - And you gotta duck the spitting camels! Click to enlargen  12 of  20 - We finally caught an Electric Parade Click to enlargen  13 of  20 - Like the scene from Fantasia, with Apollo(?) shooting a star across the heavens as the Pegasuses fly by Click to enlargen  14 of  20 - The evil eyes of the Devil from Fantasia's Night on Bald Mountain (he's too dark to show up on film;-) Click to enlargen  15 of  20 - Mickey (carved out of a bush) says goodbye to Annie, as we sprint for DisneyQuest ahead of the crowd Click to enlargen  16 of  20 - Back in October, Annie j-u-s-t wasn't tall enough for Buzz Lightyear's AstroBlaster at DisneyQuest - but now she is! Click to enlargen  17 of  20 - We're in an enclosed bumper car with a soccerball cannon! - I have to drive over the balls to get them in the hopper, while Annie takes a ball puts it in the cannon there in front & aims & launches it! - Hit those stars on another car and they spin out of control - its a blast! Click to enlargen  18 of  20 - The back of an AstroBlaster - our fav @DisneyQuest, along with Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam, Virtual Jungle Cruise & Virtual Magic Carpet Ride & Magic Mirror - I still haven't gotten to do the Animation Academy (it broken)-: Click to enlargen  19 of  20 - Minutes before leaving for the airport, we jumped in the pool @ All-Sport when the rain stopped - <i>We use EVERY MINUTE when we do Disney!</i> - We were still dripping wet when we got into the limo! Click to enlargen  20 of  20 - Annie's swimmin' like a mermaid these days - always take a late flight out of WDW - where would you rather relax? here or at home?  <i>HERE!</i> click on an image to enlargen it