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Submarine cruise on a reef at Freeport, Bahamas

Click to enlargen  1 of  29 - Annie's got her  new flute - We took a bus from the ship to the port where we waited for the submersible - they weren't dumb, kept us waiting in front of lots of souvenir shops Click to enlargen  2 of  29 - Ready to cast off! - the 'sub' is actually suspended below the boat for viewing the reef Click to enlargen  3 of  29 - We're hitting some waves out here! (do the 2 nuts running this boat know what they're doing?!) Click to enlargen  4 of  29 - No wonder we've got some waves - July is hurricane season here - luckily its moving away Click to enlargen  5 of  29 - Annie's 1st look at the reef - a cool screwup (not supposed to use a flash) got this neat image Click to enlargen  6 of  29 - The reef site is on the far side of the island - you can see the bubbles from rolling waves above Click to enlargen  7 of  29 - The coral branches out like bizarre tree/shrubs Click to enlargen  8 of  29 - Lotta plants, not many fish yet Click to enlargen  9 of  29 - Cool - Annie's profile ( Click to enlargen  10 of  29 - A few yellowtails around, but the pitching of the sub is stirring up too much silt Click to enlargen  11 of  29 - We moved to the other side of the reef - MUCH calmer in this kelp forest Click to enlargen  12 of  29 - Well, _almost_ calm - just lost a couple of people to the upper deck - one too many waves! Click to enlargen  13 of  29 - It's tough getting a decent picture through the thick glass in the sub - looked so good in person :-) Click to enlargen  14 of  29 - They told us the time of day affects how many fish are around too - should have come on the earlier tour Click to enlargen  15 of  29 - Yargh, what a mess - there's a barracuda out there somewhere Click to enlargen  16 of  29 - Its like a small town of different species Click to enlargen  17 of  29 - The kelp fronds and the coral make for an erie, surreal land(sea?)scape Click to enlargen  18 of  29 - Couple of parrot fish amongst the others Click to enlargen  19 of  29 - One of the crew has bravely gone out to face the few fish out there Click to enlargen  20 of  29 - Aaah, run away!  (could the swarms of fish chasing him be because of the food bag he's holding?  Nah ;-) Click to enlargen  21 of  29 - The barracuda came back and spooked the fish for a moment Click to enlargen  22 of  29 - But they came back fast Click to enlargen  23 of  29 - Looks like a fish version of 'The Birds' - better not run out of food Click to enlargen  24 of  29 - He's backing away from the fish - guess he DID run out of food Click to enlargen  25 of  29 - They look yummy, all fattened up now Click to enlargen  26 of  29 - This is a view forward in the sub area - its really just a long 'V' of windows with rows of benches to climb over - that's why the queezy ones should stay to the rear - that girl didn't Click to enlargen  27 of  29 - Annie was fine though - great sea legs! (I'm rocking just thionking about it 8-) Click to enlargen  28 of  29 - This is the port at Freeport - much nicer than the industrial zone that the Nassau port was in Click to enlargen  29 of  29 - And you gotta have a steel drum band for the tooourists, man click on an image to enlargen it