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Nightlife on the Disney Wonder

Click to enlargen  1 of  11 - Let's get to the Tropical Deck Party Dad! Click to enlargen  2 of  11 - The Marshall Tucker Band took over the whole Family Pool deck Click to enlargen  3 of  11 - Annie's never been so close to a band Click to enlargen  4 of  11 -  They covered over the pool to make an open air stadium at the top of the ship! Click to enlargen  5 of  11 - And Annie's boppin' right up front the whole night, like a true groupie! Click to enlargen  6 of  11 - What's she so excited about?  The folks on the Royal Caribbean next wanted to know, they lined the decks of their ship, trying to get a look at what they don't get! Click to enlargen  7 of  11 - The band also plays in a couple of the clubs on the ship - yes, there's a few clubs amazingly Click to enlargen  8 of  11 - Annie & a couple of kids so enamoured the band, they got them dancing with them Click to enlargen  9 of  11 - But that little Hawaiin boy stole the show!  He should have hit the family karaokee in the Rte 66 club later Click to enlargen  10 of  11 - The only way she would dance with me was right up front - hey, I'm not one to be shy! - gotta show her where she gets her dancing genes from Click to enlargen  11 of  11 - As usual, we're the last ones off at a good party!  The food was great there too click on an image to enlargen it