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Onboard the Disney Wonder cruise ship

Click to enlargen  1 of  65 - My daughter Annie & I went on the Disney Wonder 4-day cruise to the Bahamas - the best money ($2200 cruise; $414 flight; $300 misc) we ever spent Click to enlargen  2 of  65 - Mickey's waiting to take us to Nassua, Freeport and Castaway Cay Bahamas Click to enlargen  3 of  65 - After a direct flight w/Southwest, we simply boarded the Cruise MotorCoach for the ride to Port Canaveral (much better flights & prices than the included flights or Expedia/Travelocity) Click to enlargen  4 of  65 - The bus has a great get-acquainted movie to show you what to do & how to get it on the boat (we use Tiffany Towncar for to/from WDW though) Click to enlargen  5 of  65 - So its a quick hour before we see the ship! And hours before the ship leaves Click to enlargen  6 of  65 - Somebody is working on the 'Aft' of the ship (it comes in and goes out the same day, so they are so BUSY) Click to enlargen  7 of  65 - Boy, they make Donald earn his keep! Cut that out Huey! (ooo, poor choice of words!) Click to enlargen  8 of  65 - Port Canaveral has a huge, clean facility to get you on the boat fast & easy, lots of check-in slots & even breakfast - not the norm I'm told Click to enlargen  9 of  65 - I thought the ship was gonna be bigger somehow - darned special effects! Click to enlargen  10 of  65 - I wish we had time to see this, they got us onboard too quick! (this and some other pics a friend, Vickie, loaned me from her cruise, to fill in the gaps for pics I lost to the photoshop screwups) Click to enlargen  11 of  65 - We checked in & got our Cruise ID cards - They work your room door, safe & get you on/off the ship - Put your wallet in the safe, this is all you'll need, unless you shop on an island - I even let Annie charge to hers (most parents turn this off! :-) Click to enlargen  12 of  65 - Entering Mickey's world! Click to enlargen  13 of  65 - Dad heading up the gangplank, in full island garb Click to enlargen  14 of  65 - Hey!  Wait for Annie, Dad! Click to enlargen  15 of  65 - All aboard!  (the first of many pics they snapped of us that we could later see & buy at a place onboard called Shutters) Click to enlargen  16 of  65 - Go here first to sign up for things!  We had a burger 1st & lost out on the dolphin swim :-( hey, one bad thing all trip?) Click to enlargen  17 of  65 - The immense ship has 6 decks of w/rooms, 6 of w/activities, as big as the Panama Canal allows - click here for <a href=''>views of the ship</a> (look for the camera icon for 360` views) Click to enlargen  18 of  65 - Upper decks are mainly for activities/viewing & mid-decks for rooms (only 1760 guests, TINY for such a large ship, so more room than a regular cruise) Click to enlargen  19 of  65 - That's us on Deck 5! Lower decks are mainly for large groups like eating & entertainment Click to enlargen  20 of  65 - Our stateroom! This is the smallest of the rooms on the ship, yet so much room, as good as most hotels, immaculate Click to enlargen  21 of  65 - They take care of everything, even animal-origami towels each night!  As happy as Disney-folk normally are, the cruise-folk are even happier!  Never a cross face Click to enlargen  22 of  65 - Annie got the fold down couch, our steward set her animals up each night too Click to enlargen  23 of  65 - The bathroom worked well, the shower was even tall enough & adjustable (all but our room rate have _2_ bathrooms) Click to enlargen  24 of  65 - Annie loved the room & having her own card to get in & around the ship (I even trusted her to have purchasing power on it) Click to enlargen  25 of  65 - Each day you get a newspaper-like Navigator listing everything going on, on or off the ship - an amazing array of activities Click to enlargen  26 of  65 - The hallways are wide enough you'd think you were in a hotel, not a ship ('cept for the give-a-way handrails) Click to enlargen  27 of  65 - From that corridor, past the Beuna Vista Theater, to the hub of the ship, here on Deck 5 where the Oceaneer Lab & Club are to the left Click to enlargen  28 of  65 - Who would believe an open space this big above the central Atrium Lobby? (5 floors high) Click to enlargen  29 of  65 - This glass chandeliar is huge - Many of the ship's clubs & restaurants are off these balconies Click to enlargen  30 of  65 - The 'Rotational Dining' takes you thru 3 different restaurants onboard - our first was at Animator's Palate, our favorite Click to enlargen  31 of  65 - Your servers stay with you the whole trip & you sit with the same people & table, so you get to know each other & share your trip experiences Click to enlargen  32 of  65 - Here, the room, the stills on the walls from Disney movies & even the servers, start off all in black & white Click to enlargen  33 of  65 - The food is great, I had an amazing steak - though overall a bit upscale for our tastes & you HAVE to dress up a bit, no shorts or jeans here, so you become a quick-change artist! Click to enlargen  34 of  65 - They let Dopey in as-is! ;-) Talk about a dopey pic - this is why they have their folks takings pictures! Click to enlargen  35 of  65 - As dinner goes on, the room, pictures & staff turn full color!  Your servers take great care of you, even getting special plain-jane dishes for us picky eaters :-) Click to enlargen  36 of  65 - Annie got her birthday cake a few days early!  (they loooove singin' birthdays here) Click to enlargen  37 of  65 - Annie checking out a porthole looking out on the 8-13' seas we had the 1st night [urp!] Didn't bother her! (& she's got her trusty 'infinite refill' Disney mug) Click to enlargen  38 of  65 - This is us at Triton's, the fanciest of the Rotation restaurants - patterned after the Little Mermaid's kingdom Click to enlargen  39 of  65 - Parrot Cay is the 3rd restaurant, a relaxed Carribean place where we also got GREAT buffet breakfasts (Annie's favorite!) Click to enlargen  40 of  65 - For adults only, there's Palos.  Have the kids eat at the Oceaneer Lab one night & book a dinner here Click to enlargen  41 of  65 - Near the pools is Pluto's Dog House for burgers/dogs/chicken/fries - and lots of tables overlooking pools & ocean Click to enlargen  42 of  65 - And Scoops for ice cream treats! ('free', all included here & Pluto's as well) Click to enlargen  43 of  65 - Among the several clubs for the adults, is the Promenade Lounge, next to the Internet Cafe where you can check in with the outside world (who wants to do THAT?;-) Click to enlargen  44 of  65 - Along with the lounge lizard setup here, there's dancing, gameshow & musical motifs Click to enlargen  45 of  65 - There are 2 lavish, full stadium theaters on board (the Walt Disney Theater holds more than 1000 people!) Click to enlargen  46 of  65 - They have Disney movies and great musicals (I usually HATE musicals, but like Hercules here, they were GREAT!) Click to enlargen  47 of  65 - The Disney Dream musical does a Peter-Pan dream-thing thru 7 Disney movies Click to enlargen  48 of  65 - The sets include massive props out of the floors and walls - how does all that fit on a ship?! Click to enlargen  49 of  65 - The Promenade on Deck 4 is an ode to cruising's past (w/plexiglass over all rails so no kid can get thru) Click to enlargen  50 of  65 - Deck 10 is for sun lovers & overlooks the action on Deck 9 where we spent most of our time (see our other albums for pics there) Click to enlargen  51 of  65 - Characters are everywhere, but the Atrium Lobby is the best place to find Mickey! Click to enlargen  52 of  65 - Annie loved Pluto the best - no, you can't take him home, honey Click to enlargen  53 of  65 - No goofin'with Goofy though [hu-haw!] Click to enlargen  54 of  65 - Annie got Dale's signature, but Chip got away Click to enlargen  55 of  65 - Minnie was happy to sign though Click to enlargen  56 of  65 - But I'll take Ariel - what a tail! Click to enlargen  57 of  65 - This is what sets Disney cruises apart: the Oceaneer Lab for the kids - included with the cruise! Click to enlargen  58 of  65 - Its a huge facility with computers, giant video games, movies, science experiments, activities and even outings to the rest of the ship - so well done Click to enlargen  59 of  65 - And the kids have their own Navigator as well, with lots & lots to do - Annie had a better nightlife than I did! Click to enlargen  60 of  65 - Annie could check in anytime, stay as long as she wanted ('til 1am!) Click to enlargen  61 of  65 - I get a beeper so she can call me anywhere on ship and I get a chance to do adult stuff, like the clubs or the health salon or the adult pool Click to enlargen  62 of  65 - They even double check you with a password IF you can get your child to leave! (Annie stood me up for the Atlantis movie!:-) Click to enlargen  63 of  65 - The counselors were very good with the kids & as happy as all the other 'cast members' Click to enlargen  64 of  65 - The Oceaneer Club is for 7 & under with slides & tree houses & play equipment - so much fun Annie & the other older kids got time here too, to play Click to enlargen  65 of  65 - Up on the Wide World of Sports Deck you can play basketball & volleyball deep into the night click on an image to enlargen it