Tips:  Shopping for Technology

[Last update: 4/20/13 - Redesigned]

Which store should I go to?
Now this is more specific to computers, but also applies to technology in general. Here in Nashua, they're almost all in the same 1 square mile area. (all no sales tax! ;-) Heck, you can do the 'BB-CC Walk' between Best Buy and Circuit City!

STAPLES - I always start there. Least selection, but usually the best prices on what they have and the best of breed. Like they now carry several Dell computers! Also, since their weekly circular isn't in most papers (god knows why) less people go to them. AND there's a second Staples in Nashua at exit 8 that usually has more stock than the exit 1 store. If one store doesn't have it, have them call the other store! Most knowledgable, yet not obnoxious staff. Also, a better, free rewards program than Best Buy or CompUSA.

CIRCUIT CITY - Used to be worse than Best Buy, now the reverse. They have the better return policy now, no restocking fees. Best stock and selection. More knowledgable people on the floor. Watch the circulars for the better prices, they seem to alternate each other! (collusion? ;-)

BEST BUY - They seemed to have adopted all Circuit City's old habits. Stocking fees, less stock, less choice. But they sometimes have the item on sale in their circular when the others don't, so worth the BB-CC Walk. If you talk to someone there, talk to the blue shirts. They're Best Buy people as opposed to the Geek Squad guys, who are just surly it seems. They are a separate company within Best Buy, so they just don't seem to get along. And at $250 an hour at home, THEY are why _I_ started my business! lol

WALMART - Ok, no real knowledgable folk behind the counters, not much selection either. But if they've got it, they probably have lots of them and good to great prices. And a good return policy too. They now sell Dells too, like Staples.

BJs - Ok, I know the buyer here! :-) He got me my Wii last year! If you get desperate, can't find that electronics item, Wiis, TVs, etc. you wanted, let me know, I may be able to dig it up thru him! Just let me know.

MISSING PIECES - Nope, I'm not a store! ;-) But if I see something at a good price for a customer, I sometimes pick up a couple more in case anybody else can use it. So check out my sale page and what I have and give me a call if you want it! I also have my own Amazon-powered store: Missing Pieces Technology Store :-)

Where to shop online
DELL.COM - My favorite machines. Best prices, setup your way. Even though they sell about the same as HPs, I fix far less of them. But with the Dell website, you can get different prices on virtually the same hardware, by going in in different ways. When you first go to the site, try Home & Home Office first; then try their promotions; even try their new Small/Medium Business line. I was able to get a great buy recently, buying a Vostro modified to be like an Inspiron Home machine. Got more power for less price. AND Dell still sells Windows XP!! And still FREE shipping.

STAPLES.COM - Join their Staples Rewards program and you'll get email for coupons for online and off. Like 30% off on a $100 purchase!

AMAZON.COM - If the stores run out, Amazon may still have it! Sometimes folks buy from the stores and put them up here. (you can sell on Amazon too, like eBay) And I've gotten stuff from Amazon that I ordered after 11pm, at _8am_ the next morning!! With regular shipping! (they have a warehouse in Jersey!) I also have my own Amazon-powered store, especially organized for technology: Missing Pieces Technology Store

eBAY.COM - If the stores run out, here's the last chance! Remember, with eBay you're dealing with individuals or small operations, so use PayPal if at all possible, for the protection it gives you. And remember, when you win the bid or buy, it is NOT shipped right away, so contact the seller promptly to get it going!